Hand Drying Solutions

Automatic warm air hand dryers are a good solution for busy washrooms. They provide a fast, efficient and way to dry hands. Using an infrared sensor they automatically start when hands are placed beneath the air vent and stop when hands are pulled away. We provide a range of hand dryers for you to choose from.

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Our New Generation Hand Drying Solutions

Fast and Efficient
Using the innovative air nozzle distribution system dries hands quickly, whilst at the same time collecting water from your hands leaving the floor and you free from residue.

Thanks to the s quick drying time and efficient air system, our Hand Dryers can save up to 85% energy against other hand dryers. Furthermore against paper our dryers have the ability to save you money, carbon and waste.

Air fresh
A simple fragrance system that releases a pleasant lemon burst each time the hand dryer is used. A unique proposition from us that will not only increase your customer’s washroom perception, but add that little extra in terms of value.

Water collection
The water from your hands is collected by the hand dryer leaving the floor and you free from any residue..

The dryer is manufactured using over 60% recycled plastic.

Easy to clean
The hands area is made from one single piece of plastic; this makes the hand dryer easy to clean, as well as incorporating touch free operation.

5 year warranty
Each hand dryer comes with a 5 year warranty.

A Great Choice

Automatic Warm Air Hand Dryers can be a good option because:

  • They reduce risk of cross-contamination
  • They are robust
  • They have long service intervals between maintenance visits
  • There is no associate waste nor do they require any refilling

Installed by our technicians we provide regular hand dryer maintenance in London and throughout the UK.

The hand dryer is already available in 10 off the shelf colours. This makes it the perfect product for architects and interior designers, as well as those wishing to add something innovative into their own washroom environment. For those customers that want their washroom to have that unique touch, we offer the opportunity to create your own dryer; any colour, any colour at all.

Our New Generation Hand Drying Solutions

Armadillo Tough Hand Dryer

Armadillo Tough Hand Dryer

The Armadillo Hand Dryer is so tough it’s almost bullet proof!

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The Dillo

A smart and energy efficient hand dryer with an amazing drying time

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Kangarillo Hand Dryer

Our most popular dryer, this is our pioneering eco hand dryer

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