We are Environmentally Responsible

We have always taken our environmental responsibility very seriously. We are members of the Independent Washroom Services association and as such are continually vetted in terms of our standards of service across all areas of our business, customer liaison, and 100% compliance with Health & Safety and Environmental Legislation. We are certified, registered waste carriers.We incinerate all sanitary waste at ‘Waste to Energy’ sites and, whenever possible, use eco-friendly products as part of our commitment to a safer future for our children.

Quality Assured

Our quality assurance programme is designed to constantly attain a level of washroom environmental service beyond our clients’ expectations.

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Our Promise to You

Pristine Washroom Services have always taken their environmental responsibility very seriously; in today’s world it cannot be ignored.

  • We seek to work with manufacturers that minimise the use of raw materials, supplies and energy and where possible use recyclable materials.
  • All of the waste products collected from our clients premises are directly transported to licensed incineration plants, minimising the risks of cross contamination through handling and storage.
  • All of our air fresheners contain no CFC’s and the fragrances are based on natural extracts.
  • All of our sanitisers are based on friendly enzymes and good bacteria, therefore are harmless to marine life and cause no damage.
  • As a licensed waste carrier you can be sure that all waste is correctly disposed of so that you meet your own obligations under the Environmental Protection Act.
  • Conservation of our scarce natural water resource is our duty. Pristine’s water management systems help to reduce water consumption by up to 90%.